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If at first you don't succeed... give it up already!

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IX. BBB part 2

So I decided before I took any drastic action I would submit one last addition to my online help ticket. After all, I wanted to give them a fair chance unlike the one they gave to me. I also wanted to be able to say, "Well I tried to get them to help me, but they just kept ignoring me."

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you my third and final help ticket submission as proof that I really did try. And I went back to being nice this time. A lot of good that did me.

  • I have re-read your subscriber agreement again to read up on your exact policy of cheating (Of which I have not done).

    While your agreement does say that you may terminate a subscription without notice, it does not say that you can refrain from ever discussing the reason with the party affected.

    I have paid for a full license to many valve products through steam and you are restricting my license without valid reason. Simply saying I have "cheated" is not an explanation. I have not cheated and you refuse me the right to prove this (And get my full deserved license back) by not telling me what you determined I actually did wrong, or what programs I used.

    I used nothing to give me an "unfair competitive advantage." I have not "circumvent[ed], or otherwise interfere[d]" with any valve or steam software. I have simply played your games, used your software, and in no way "negatively" affected "the enjoyment of Steam by other Subscribers."

    It would also be nice if you would date your user agreement so that people know if it has been changed on them or not.

Okay, so I wasn't completely nice. I generally am a really kind easy going guy. But Valve is doing a pretty good job of leaching that out with the headcrab they stuck on my face.

My next step is another call to the face of Valve, the man they call

I'll be trying to get in touch with him until this thing gets resolved.