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II. What To Do

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IV. Ignore It

V. Final Ticket

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IX. BBB part 2

I called in my third message before noon on August 9th. At 2:00 my phone rings and the number shows up as the same number I've been calling Valve at. I would have recorded the call for you, but I couldn't do it secretly (Illegal and my phone beeps when it's recording), and I felt if I asked them if I could record it I wouldn't get much help from them.

So I answer the phone and Patrick introduces himself to me stating that he is from Valve and asks if I was the one that had called regarding the VAC ban. He also asks me about the help tickets I submitted and I let him know that besides the first generic response I got, the rest were ignored.

We eventually got down to business and he pulled up my account information. From what he told me I was able to completely confirm that the banning was a mistake. Why you ask?

Patrick told me that the banning incident had occurred while playing from my IP. This means that no one had my account information and hacked while using my account. I now knew completely it was a mistake..

He next told me that the banning occurred while playing Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. Since I never play that I knew it meant it occured while I was playing a mod. There are only two mods I have played in the past month. One being Battle Grounds 2, and the other being Zombie Master Beta. I believe I've only played Battle Grounds 2 within a few weeks of the banning. 

 Why would anyone cheat on Battle Grounds 2 anyways? It's a civil war mod. Anyways, despite my best tries Patrick told my that VAC bans are never reversed and that the cheat they detected on my system was definately a cheat.

He still refused to tell me what they thought the cheat was. My explanation of various programs I thought might have caused the false positive didn't seem to help either.

So, I'm left not knowing what else I can do.

I'm certainly not buying another account like he and everyone else has suggested because, if I do I'll only be banned again for this mysterious program that they think is a hack. And no, I'm not reformatting my computer for them.

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