BBB Part 2

Can the BBB help mediate this mess or will Valve continue to be defiant? 

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Although Valve was bad at responding to emails and calls within a timely fashion, I seemed to have found a slightly faster mode of communication with them if nothing else. My original complaint was forwarded to them on the 14th, and they responded on the 15th.

Now while Valve is responding faster, it still takes us a long time to communicate because each message is sent first to The Better Business Bureau where it is reviewed. The BBB then forwards the message to the other party. So, I received their reply on the 16th.

They seem to have decided to stay defiant to the end.

  • We do not respond to complaints regarding accounts that have been banned for using cheats. The ban does not affect single player games and you can use any of the multiplayer games on non-VAC protected servers. 

They have essentially just stated that they refuse to give customer service to people like me. More important than that is that they "do not respond to complaints" about this topic. I have never heard of a company that sorted out complaints into which they would and would not take, and then replied to those they refused to take in order to let the person know they should bug off.

I have an idea! How about actually reviewing customer complaints?

My response sent Friday the 17th read:

  • I have never before run into a company that openly stated their refusal to give customer service. I have paid for a full license to your software and you have limited my usage and license privileges. I have no way to defend myself from the wrong you have done me because of the more than half a dozen times I have contacted you, I always have gotten this same response.

    I am not satisfied with your simple refusal to deal with any problems. I would not be pursuing this matter had it not been in error, and I am sending this complaint through the BBB in hopes that you may have a more objective view on the matter if dealing with them. You cannot just shut out your paying customers and believe you have a perfect system.

Now I have to sit back and wait to see if they will respond again. I kind of doubt they will though. Although I'm sure it doesn't look good to simply ignore complaints sent through The Better Business Bureau.

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