Background Info

Here are some details about me, my computer, and my account 

Why would I be banned? I couldn't really answer the question very well so I decided to make a list of possible reasons and why they should not be reasons for a ban

  • Tsearch - A program I have installed that is a "memory hacking" tool. It is a tool with legitimate uses that I use for other programs but could probably be used to try and hack in a Valve game. I have never used it to hack in any Valve game. You tell Tsearch specifically what program you want to modify the memory of and it only changes things from that. There is no way it could have modified anything from Valve, although they may have seen it and decided I was hacking when I was not.
  • Google Desktop Corruption - Around the time I was banned my google desktop was severely corrupted. It was so bad that any file I opened began to give me errors because google desktop was trying to archive it and it would run into problems. It eventually brought Windows to it's knees and I am still trying to completely remove the corrupted files and folders. (It won't let me uninstall, delete, or even open the folder. Not even the geek squad tools could get it off.)
  • Deskpins -  A program I run that will pin any window to "always on top." I don't believe I've ever used it with steam, and I doubt the program could actually be mistaken as a hack for changing game files or anything. I've certainly never used it while a game was running though. it does however sit idle in my task bar.

Valve has refused to acknowledge that any of these things has caused it. They simply insist that they cannot discuss what actually caused it with me.