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City, tourist guides & hotels City, tourist guides & hotels City, tourist guides & hotels

Hotels in Europa

25.000 vacation homes 
300 Airports 23 countries
Rotterdam Tourist guide
Porto Very complete guide
Fuerteventura tourist guide

Amsterdam toerist guide

Paris tourist guide
London tourist guide
Antwerpen Tourist guide
Istanbul city, hotel guide
Geneva bussines and tourist

Maastricht Kmz file

Barcelona tourist, hotel guide

Berlin city guide
Abu Dhabi city and hotels guide
Dubai City and hotel Guide
Monaco Met f1 track

 Special places kml files Diverse kml files Weather
Oldest and famous trees
Lancaster Bomber boven london
Refuge camp Darfur
Extreme Hottest, deepest, etc

Google Earth Dating
Meteor craters om earth
820 webcams worldwide

Top 10 naked People

Global Cloud Map
Storm Tracking Tools
Global Cloud new version
Bliksem Detector
European Rainfall radar
Around the Globe Vehicle collections

Sportive locations

Unesco World Heritage
Wine regions of the world
Soccer stadiums wereldwijd
hoogste punt in 177 landen
African animals
All Aircraft in flight
Bermuda ship wrecks
18 Blackbird spy planes
772 Visible shipwrecks

Mountain climming locations
Ski resorts of Europe

35 Ski maps Switzerland
Soulriders surfspots Europa
Olympische winterspelen locaties
Big race track collection

Mysteries History & Archaeology Campsites & vacationhomes
30 french treasures
mysterious animals
20 most famous mysteries
16 famous historical mysteries
Crop circel collectie
Where is Atlantis?
11 castels in greece
Art of french formal gardens
234 frenche castels
European castels and palaces
Ancient Rome in 51 placemarks
Ancient theaters roman & greek

25.000 Vacationhomes

Camp sites Europe (EN)
Camp sites France (EN)
Camp sites in Italy
All camp sites NorthHolland

Frankrijk te koop / te huur

Famous People Other 3D files
32 Death spots
19 houses in the collection

Flags of Europe
200 churches of Roma
618 Sacred &religious places

100`s high resolution maps

Hong Kong 3D
Cape Town 3D
Vancouver 3D

Berlin 3D textured buildings

The travels of.. History Websites
travels of Astrix and Obelix
Travels of Julius Caesar
Travels of Odysseus
leonardo da vince
life of jezus
WWII Places, Battles, Specials OPs
Lewis and Clark Expedition
1906 San Francisco Earthquake
CIA World Factbook
U.S. Civil war batlles

City guides site
Ogle Earth
Google Sightseeing

Keyhole community 
Earth has a message for you

Big Kml startpage

Literatuur op GE Scientific Network links
Da vinci code tour
Places Quoted in Shakespeare
Around the world in 80 days
Journey to center of the earth
Watson and sherlock holmes
12 works of Hercules
Vulcano eruptions 2005heden
Ants of the World
Land temprature in the years
Mars digitaal image model
Mars global survey
Plains live at schiphol
RealTime Earthquakes
Global Flu map
Aeronautical Information System
3D live cruise ship tracking
Dutch Real Estate Funda/Era
Planets Geographical features In Earth tools
Mars Map pack
Sun overlay
Solar system overlay
Coastel Features
Marine Biomes
Terrestrial Biomes
Utility collection
Gps visualizer overlay.kml
KML utility and applications
Icon palletes
Probably the biggest collection of Google Earth Kml and Kmz files in the world on 1 page. Over 150.000 Google Earth Placemarks in 80 collections and 20 categories.

This site is dedicated to link Google Earth placemarks collections. The links on this page open directly in Google Earth. You need to have Google Earth installed download here. Most of the files are kmz or kml files. The collections are put in a comprehensive directory structure. Suggestions are welcom.