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VacationWorld is dedicated to get usefull city and tourist information available for the use of Google Earth. Vacation planning has never bin better. Use the kml and kmz files one at the time. check the best kml files collection around here 



The Amsterdam City Guide

A good preparation is half the vacation! This also is true for holidays and day excursions. It is handy if you know in advance where you can do shopping’s in your surroundings and how far the walk / travels will be. Or where the nightclubs or museums you like to visit are and how far that is from your location.

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This city guide is a Google Earth city and tourist guide. (kmz file) The file will open in Google Earth.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to put usefull information about Amsterdam (and other cities) on Google Earth.

A handy to use database (directory structure) with lots of places to visit. We collect placemarks and put them togheter. So rather then getting 1 placemark at a time you wil get lots of information about a destination.

This Amsterdam City Guide is a network link and Features

  • Buildings & Monuments  
  • Museums, attractions, windmills
  • clubs, drinking and dinning
  • smartshops, coffeeshops
  • Campings, hotspots, parking, bike rental
  • Hotels, hostels, shopping
  • Stations, subways, webcams
  • and much much more

Cities underconstruction

Don`t know anything about Amsterdam but you have good placemarks of your home town? We are working on city guides for many more cities on the left.


mail us your placemarks and we will put them in the wright collection on the Globe


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