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This site is dedicated to country travel information and city guides on Google Earth

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Page descriptsion

VacationWorld is dedicated to get usefull city and tourist information available by the use of Google Earth. Vacation planning has never bin better. Use the kml and kmz files one at the time.



City and tourist guides

A good preperation is half the work! This also goes for holidays and weekend trips. Its good to have a grasp of your surroundings once you get there, where to shop, go clubbing or just relax.

It`s usefull to see where to hotel is and how far that is from where you want to go.


Putting usefull citie and tourist tourist information together in a comprehansive way to use with Google Earth. Easy acces to hotels and accomodation. Birds view of the best parts of the cities.

What do we do?

We make collections of kml and kmz file placemarks. So instead of getting 1 placemark at a time you will get lots of information about that region or city in a network link. This network link will be updated every time you use it.

In english

we use Google Earth to put usefull, mostly tourist, information on the globe for easy acces. The files update themselfs everytime you use them. Just save them to myplaces folder.

How can you use it?

Most of the links on this website are kml or kmz files and will open directly in Google Earth. You need to have Google Earth installed to view these files. Download here

Witch file should I download?

There are 3 kinds of files. (for the moment) 

  • There are city guides witch contain the city information and tourist guide.
  • There are specific kmz files. These files are not in any of the other kmz files.
  • There are hotel files. These files do not contain any information beside hotels

All of the city guides contain specific hotel file. If you download a country guide there is a hotel finder and booker in every city file. You should never select 2 or more hotels finders at the same time. This can give double information.

If you only want to see the hotels you can download a city, country or continent hotel finder on our hotels page

Putting your information on the globe

If you have a placemark you want to put on the globe you can send it to us and we will put it in one of our collections.

Send us all the information from around your naborhood like Parcs & Recreation, museum, theaters, bars & dancings, restaurants, public transportation, shopping, famous buildings, webcams and special features you know about. A little information with it would be good.

Webmasters and site owners

To put de kmz files on your site you can copy the link location and put it on your site as an extra service for your customers. Afcourse you can also just link this site. If you link us we will put a link back on our link page.


If you have a business with lots of geografic informatie (like reals estate or vacation houses) and you want to go global contact us.