Cruisin Gratiot

Gratiot Ave, Eastpointe, Michigan,Classic Car Cruise 

2pm - 9.30pm 37miles (60kms)

16th June 2007 

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After the 50km (exhausting) ride, I had already decided to travel to my next destination. After some search, I found out that there was a Classic Car exhibition going on at Eastpointe. After consulting google maps, I decided to leave in the morning on Saturday 16June07. As with all my plans, I was able to leave from the room at around 2PM :).

The 17 mile ride to there was uneventful, I enjoyed the ride and it was not much of tiring, I had gotten used to the bike. Only the last few blocks on the 9th mile had me worried, the neighbour hood was deserted and with lots of shut down building. This is the norm in Detroit, Once the automobile city where the industry was thriving, now it has been reduced to more of a ghost town.

I reached the Gratiot Ave at Eastpointe to see the place crowded. There were lot of as u know classic cars, paint jobs and loud exhaust, with a couple of jumpings jacks (suspensions) and harleys. There were some Gxrs, R6 's and busa's too. Well there is nothing much to say, I will let the images do the talking. 

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