vaanoli ulagam

A Tamil DX programme from All India Radio, Chennai

 வானொலி உலகம்   கேட்க இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்

வானொலி உலகம் பதிவு இறக்கம் செய்ய இங்கே சொடுக்கவும்






Dear Dxers.

All India Radio Chennai’s Vanoli Ulagam
(Radio World) program were broadcast on Sunday's.

The Content of the program is like this…

In the First, segment listener’s letters from around
the world.

In the second part, ‘Radio History’ contains History
of International Radios with their Signature Tunes.

In the third part ‘Radio Today’ contains, Dxing News

Fourth part with the DX Logging in English.

The Fifth segment for DX Book review

In the six part 'Net for Dxing'

Those who are listen the programme were get the special limited edition
World Smallest QSL card No:4 (6x3.5CM), 75th week
commemorative sticker, 2007 calendar, book mark and
New 50th week Pennant. International listeners send their Reception Report with
1 New IRC to the following address.
Indian listener were send Rs.10/- mint stamps for
return QSL.

The schedule of the Tamil DX Program ‘Vaanoli Ulagam’
were broadcast (Radio World) as follows:

Sundays between 1115-1215 UTC (for about 15 minutes)

To Sri Lanka :

1053 kHz Tuticorin (200 kw)
15050 Khampur, Delhi (250 kw)
17860 New Delhi (100 kw)
7270 Chennai (Avadi) (100 Kw)

To South East Asia:

13610 Bangalore (500 kw)
15770 Aligarh (250 kw)
17810 Panaji (250 kw)

Producer and Presenter,
For more details please contact +91 98413 66086


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