Welcome to the Veterinary Anaesthesia Analgesia and Critical Care Services web page. These web pages have been created to diseminate information and educate veterinarians and clients about anaesthesia, pain management and intensive care of companion animals. Veterinary Anaesthesia Analgesia and Critical Care Services was started by Dr Kenneth Joubert in January 2007. Regular anaesthetic services are offered at specialist referal veterinary practices in Johannesburg. Anaesthetic services are offered at private practices in Johannesburg on a case by case basis as requested by owners and veterinarians. Pain managment consultations are done in the late afternoons. If you require anymore information about these services please do not hesitate to contact me. Intensive care services are offered at the specialist referral practices that provide 24 hour cover with veterinarians and veterinary nursing staff available 24 hours to care for critically ill patients.


Compromised (geriatric, neonatal and sick) patients require dedicated care when undergoing anaesthesia for a variety of procedures. I offer a service whereby patients can be anaesthetised for routine or specialised procedures. Advanced monitoring equipment and anaesthetic equipment is provided as required. Regular lists at specialist veterinary referral hospital in Johannesburg. 

Intensive Care Services

Worried about sick and compromised pets? Always wondering if only I had been there at the right time things may have been different? We all know the work required for critically ill patients is time consuming and requires dedication that we do not always have in our busy days. There is a solution: we now offer a critical care service to look after these patients.


The services offers state of the art care including positive pressure ventilation, dialysis for acute renal failure, continuous 24 hr monitoring of cardiovascular and respiratory function, in house laboratory testing, infusion pumps, syringe drivers and dedicated nursing and veterinary staff to provide optimal care. The service is supported by specialists in internal medicine and surgery available as required at specialists referal centres in Johannesburg.

Cardiac Surgery & Interventional Cardiology

Open heart surgery for congenital heart defects offers the opportunity for cure. All the equipment required for open heart surgery cardiac bypass machine, heater chiller unit, defibrillation, coagulation monitoring, blood gas analysis, ventilation is available to perform this surgery. This gives an opportunity for cure in conditions like pulmonary and aortic stenosis, tetralogy of fallows, valve dysplasia, etc. The open heart surgery is done by a dedicated team involving both human and veterinary medicine specialist. 

For condition which are amenable to dilatation through interventional radiology a service is offered for these patients. Pulmonic and aortic stenosis are good candidates for balloon dilatations. Implantation of pace makers are also done.

Blood Banking

Just like people, dogs and cats sometimes require a blood transfusion to save their lives. Animals require blood transfusions for hosts of reasons. The most common in dogs is babesiosis (biliary fever) which causes anaemia (lack of red blood cells). Trauma, severe infections, renal disease and hemorrhage (from rupture tumour (usually splenic or liver)) are other common causes.  Fresh frozen plasma is used to treat rodenticide toxicity, hypoprotenaemia (lack of blood protein - albumin...) and to replace clotting factors in sick patients. Fresh frozen plasma is made from whole blood. Whole blood is separated into packed cells and plasma which is frozen.  Cats need blood transfusions for anaemia from renal disease, blood borne paracites, trauma, rodenticide toxicity, severe septic disease and chronic disease.

Neonatal isoerythrolysis, also known as hemolytic icterus, is a disease found in kittens and foals. In the kitten this is referred to as "fading kitten syndrome." It occurs when the mother has antibodies against the blood type of the new born. This is a preventable disease by testing you cats blood group.

Chronic and intense uncontrolled acute pain in animals generates emotional concern for many owners. Providing optimal care can be frustrating as multiple drugs are used, individualised dosing regimens need to be determined and a pain free outcome is difficult to achieve. A vital part of the therapy is physiotherapy and weight reduction. Our service includes the management of both acute and chronic pain resulting from a variety of conditions using intergrative holistic management.


Pain management is done in colabaration with the referring vet.  An initial consult is done to formulate a plan and provide pain management. Any screening of vital organ function is done. A plan is then formulated to manage the pain. The owner is educated about pain assessment and instructed to start a pain diary. Follow up consults are done with owner on a scheduled basis and adjustments in therapy done as required based on the information in the pain diary. Follow up consultations are scheduled as required based on the feed back provided and regular screening of organ function conducted as required. The referring vet is regularly updated with the progress of the patient.

Courses & Training

To improve the care of patients I have started courses to train veterinarians and veterinary nurses to be more effective at treating and managing emergency patients. These course are offered every alternative month.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these services.

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