Perdana V6 Black 2002 - SOLD!hit counter

with additional accessories worth RM20k!










Make Proton
Model Perdana V6
Year 2002
Colour Black
Modified Specs (Ext)
  Hotbits Adjustable Suspension with Canister
  18" rims
  Dual exhausts system (fully stainless steel)
  K&N air filter
  Hotbits front strut bar
  Mitsubishi gearbox oil cooler
  2-Ways Alarm System with remote ignition and trunk unlock function
  Enhanced Power Plug Cable
  Latest facelift tail lights
  Mitsubishi Eterna rear reflector
  RS front grille
  Honda BB4 front bumper lip
  Trunk lid spoiler
  Rear screen upper spoiler
  E60 turn signal lights
  Additional front fog lamps
Modified Specs (Int) Mitsubishi Eterna digital air-con (2 type of console included)
  Latest Perdana V6 soft leather seats (heat reduced)
  V-kool tinting
  EL Speedometer (changeable colour white/green)
  Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer
  Mitsubishi Eterna driver's power windows console
  Titanium Interior Panel
Selling price SOLD
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All accessories newly installed for about 1 year


All original parts still well kept and included