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I've moved again, but this time purchased a domain! Hopefully this will provide more consistency between host changes. Please visit my new website here:


Series Resonant Induction Heater

Heat electrically conductive materials to red heat with no physical contact! This is a small low power offline induction heater.

430J Coil Gun

This is my first properly designed coil gun. It's single stage and very inefficient, but still packs quite a punch.

Table Top Tesla Coil

My first Tesla Coil. It's pretty small, low power, but it works great.

Low Voltage MOT PSU

A reliable low voltage bench supply, with a 1kW microwave oven transformer for a heart. Short circuit protected and built to last.

Flyback Transformer

This is where all the flyback files go. Currently the highest voltage stuff I have. Check again constantly as I'll be designing and testing better drivers.

PIC Programmer

Program a variety of PICs cheaply!

Magnetic Suspension

Magnetic Suspension machine. Suspend objects in midair!

DIY Stereo System

My biggest project yet, a stereo amplifier system for my PC with a subwoofer.

Harvesting Parts

A cheap source of parts is a essential for any hobbyist wishing to get things done without government funding. Here are some suggestions as to where to get stuff.

Computer Lab PSU hack

The procedure for modifying a computer PSU into a lab bench supply.

555 timer tester

With all the 555 timers I used as a newb, some way of testing them was a must. This tiny circuit can quickly tell whether or not a 555 is alive.

Boost Converter

This DC-DC converter will boost the input voltage. Great for that battery powered Coil gun.

Disclaimer: I do not take responsibility for any injury, death, hurt ego, or other forms of personal damage which may occur by recreating these experiments. Projects are presented as a source of inspiration, and should only be conducted by responsible individuals, or under the supervision of responsible individuals. It is your own life, so proceed at your own risk!

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June 28 2020

Added link to the new site.

July 27 2009

Long time no see! If anyone still visits this page I'm not dead, but my free webhost is. See the mirror hosted at

October 21 2007

The new site is finished! I'll leave this site intact until the new one takes over fully. Update your bookmarks and check it out!

October 6 2007

I was able to add my "Series Resonant Induction Heater". Check it out.

I also fixed the 555 timer tester schematic, there was a critical error in the schematic, which would most likely kill 555's. The frequency has also been lowered to make it blink slower.

I have a pile of projects which are close to completion, but just missing a few components. Such as a Geiger Counter, 700W 15 - 50V SMPS, and Multipurpose Inverter.

October 2 2007

I've moved recently and the damn Internet company is taking forever to install a simple cable. Right now I'm leeching wireless internet from a neighbor. I've finished some new projects which I hope to publish soon. I'm considering switching my web hosting provider to someone who supports php, and making a whole new layout, which this site really needs. While waiting for me to get an Internet hook-up, read the best page in the universe.

June 27 2007

Updated the computer PSU hacking section, it's much more thorough now.

May 26 2007

I finally added the coil gun.

May 13 2007

I added the Table top Tesla Coil, Off-line flyback driver and Low voltage MOT PSU projects. I also upgraded the boost converter, Mazzilli ZVS driver, PIC programmer and flyback transformer pages.

December 28 2006

Updated the flyback files with the 555 MKII, which is a pumped up 555 driver. Check it out.

December 21 2006

I added a visitor counter to each page. Christmas holidays! w00t, I should be able to update again by new years.

November 20 2006

Added the magntic levitation project, and PIC programmer. I still need parts for the SMPS and I need the SMPS to charge the coilgun, so those will have to wait.

September 27 2006

Long time since anything has happened here. I've been busy during the holidays making projects. I've added the DIY Stereo System and a little section on how to find parts. I'll be adding a PIC programmer, SMPS and Coil gun later. So the best has yet to come!

May 12 2006

I've updated the site and added a few projects.

A 555 timer tester, which is handy for testing 555s

how to make a power supply out of an old computer PSU

how to construct a simple boost converter

And most of all: How to run a flyback transformer! With various drive circuits I've tested, including the ZVS driver.

These are just completed projects, I've got many more on the go!

March 22 2006

Hot damn! Google has started opening the web hosting tap. Just testing stuff out, I'll update soon enough.

Incase you don't know this site will be packed with hax, HV, and other projects I'm working on, so stay tuned!

Here's some links to munch on while you're waiting....