planning programs

Fail to plan, plan to fail !

Here are two open source, free planning programs. This does not mean you can use them anywhere, and change the code as you wish. Please read the license agreements.

Linux versions of these programs and documentation using it in PARDUS (Turkish Linux Distr.) will be added here soon.
Planner (Mr Project) (Windows Version)
Planner is the GNOME project management tool. You will need +GTK runtime environment to use Planner in Windows.

OpenProj(Windows Version)
OpenProj is a free, open source desktop alternative to Microsoft Project. See the OpenProj website for the latest version.


There are two popular programs that are being used by the time, Primavera and MS Project. My favorite is Primavera 3.1 and 6.0. I think MS Project is designed for small-budget and short-time projects. There are lots of deficiencies that you can see when your needs get larger while doing planning works.

MS Project

Why do not I like MS Project? 

1) It is a big deficiency of MS Project that "You canot link a predecessor task twice to the same successor task". Since there are very little construction works that can be purely linked to gather as "Finish to Start", it is a must to link work packages as "Start to Start" and "Finsh to Finish" witn the same predecessor to get a "Well Designed Computer Model".
2) MS Project has no WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) logic. It is a proof of an underdesigned planning progman.
3) Lack of "Filter" logic in MS Project. You cannot use advanced filtering expressions. Just you can do is what you do in excel.
4) Lack of "Layout" logic in MS Project. Whatever you plan, there is only one layout to see them in order. If somebody ask for diffirent layout style, you have to move your activities.