It is all about life and mathematics.

Q - What is Erdem Graph? 

A - If you plot a graph of two elements which seem to be irrelevant, this plotted graph is called ErdemGraph.  


When we think the computers at the last point of this high technology came,the problems are come to be the “Real Life Models” rather than CPU speeds. If you modelled it rigth, you can find the rigth answer altough you make slow calculations. If you modelled it wrong, the high-tech computers only help you to produce wrong answers very quickly. One of my hobbies is to plot ErdemGraph's, to prepare flow-diagrams of events of life's dynamic nature. I will share my ErdemGraph with you at this part of my personal home page.
- Your Love v.s Her / His Love
- Good Intention v.s Being Abused
- Time v.s Fun
- Friendship v.s. Love
- Experience v.s Age