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Referee Forms

The checklist - This is what you should have with you every time you leave your house to referee a game. Print it. Memorize it. Live it.

It’s very unlikely you will need to use the following forms for Uxbridge House League, but just in case, please print a copy of each and throw them in you reffing bag. Copies are also available at the referee corkboard at the rear of the Kennedy Hut.

Caution Summary Form – please use this form to record all the yellow cards you issue.

Dismissal Form – please use this form to record any red cards you issue.

Referee Assault Report – if you eject a player, coach or a parent for verbally or physically threatening or abusing you, you need to fill this out and submit it to a club representative right away

Special Incident Report – for games that are not house league and for anything that isn’t covered by the other reports, please use this. This would include abandoned matches, UFOs landing on the field, misconduct by coach (that isn’t abuse), fields that are not playable due to flooding or vandalism.