There are more than 30 games a week on our fields, and Uxbridge referees are out there, rain or shine, making sure everyone stays safe, has fun and obeys the rules.

Each year we recruit new referees of all ages to join our team. Refereeing is a great way to stay in shape, watch some great soccer and earn a little extra cash. It's a great way to get out and have some fun while making a little extra cash.
Regulations require that every referee be at least 2 years older than the age group for which they are officiating. Because of this, we are particularly interested in hearing from adults interested in refereeing.

Each year at the Uxbridge Soccer Club we try to carefully gauge how many new referees we need on our call list. Our goal is to achieve a balance so that every ref on our list has an opportunity to work weekly but also to have enough refs to cover summer vacations. We cannot guarantee that you will be added to our call list this season. Please fill in the information form below and then be patient. We will contact you to provide information about suitable options.

I want to become an Uxbridge Referee for Summer 2018:

You must be at least 14 years old as of March 31, 2018 ref on our mini fields. You must also complete and pass the OSA Small Sided Game Referee Course.

You may also take the OSA Entry Level Referee Course, which qualifies you to work on mid and full size fields. You must attend both days and pass the exam to become an Ontario Referee. 

It is the referee's responsibility to obtain uniform & equipment once the course is completed. Completion of the course does not guarantee a minimum number of assignments, merely the ability receive game offers.

If you are interested in becoming a referee with us, please complete this contact information form and we will be in touch.
Please remember that there is no guarantee that we will have spaces available.

Already an Qualified OSA Ref?

If you are planning to return to the Uxbridge referee call list, remember you need to register with OSA  (and pay OSA dues) to ref in Uxbridge. To do this, visit Please be sure to indicate your affiliation with Uxbridge when you register.

If you are already a qualified referee and would like to be added to the Uxbridge call list, please complete this contact information form and note your current reffing qualifications for our knowledge.