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Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Application Forms:

Adult Volunteer Form Registration Form, Waiver & Disclosure Form

Youth Volunteer Form Registration Form  & Waiver for applicants 18 years of age & under 

New Volunteer to the Club Questionnaire 

Division Convenor Form:
Division Convenor Registration Form 

 The following administrative forms and sample communication documents are provided for easy reference by all Volunteers 

Accident/Insurance Forms
Accident reporting form (.doc)
Accident reporting form (.pdf)
Link to Ontario Soccer's Insurance Page
OSA Insurance claim form (.pdf)
Administrative Forms:
U4/U5 sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
U6-U10 sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
NDSI sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
U6-U10 sample parent letter (.docx)
Snack Rotation template  (.xls)

U6 Tuesday attendance Sheet (.xlsx)
U6 Thursday attendance Sheet (.xlsx)

Pre-Season Ratings Sheet (.xls)
Pre-Season Rating Sheet (.pdf)

Late-Season Ratings Sheet (.xlsx)
Late-Season Ratings Sheet (pdf)

U8&U10 Game Sheet (.xls)
NDSI Game Sheet (.xlsx)

NDS Attendance sheet (.pdf)
NDS Attendance sheet (.xls)

Coach Checklist