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Volunteer Forms

Volunteer Application Forms:

Adult Volunteer Form  + Adult Volunteer Screening Form  - Both forms must be submitted.

Youth Volunteer Form for applicants 18 years of age & under 

New Volunteer to the Club? Please also complete this Questionnaire 

Division Convenor Form:
Convenor Form        Convenor Online Form (download to complete fillable fields) 

 The following administrative forms and sample communication documents are provided for easy reference by all Volunteers 

Attendance Sheet for U6 to U10 Teams:    Attendance Sheet

Use one Attendance Sheet per Season. Open the file and change the dates across the top to match your division Schedule. Print and bring to the field each practice and game. 

Please place a Check or an X for each player on the corresponding date. Attendance must be taken at each team gathering and must be done at the beginning of every session to validate the insurance coverage for each family attending.

Accident/Insurance Forms
Accident reporting form (.doc)
Accident reporting form (.pdf)
Link to Ontario Soccer's Insurance Page
OSA Insurance claim form (.pdf)
Administrative Forms:
U4/U5 sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
U6-U10 sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
NDSI sample parent email template-introduction letter (.docx)
U6-U10 sample parent letter (.docx)

Snack Rotation template  (.xls)

Pre-Season Ratings Sheet (.xls)
Pre-Season Rating Sheet (.pdf)

Mid-Season Ratings Sheet (.xlsx)
Mid-Season Ratings Sheet (pdf)

U8&U10 Game Sheet (.xls)
NDSI Game Sheet (.xlsx)

NDS Attendance sheet (.pdf)
NDS Attendance sheet (.xls)

Coach Checklist