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Coaching Codes of Ethics

Uxbridge Code of Ethics for Coaches

  • I will be a coach that children can respect; modeling fairness, sportsmanship and fun.
  • I will embrace the idea that having fun, improving skills, making friends and doing your best are more
    important than winning.
  • I will be generous with praise, forgiving of mistakes, and in control of my temper.
  • I will teach my athletes to play fairly, and to respect the rules, officials and opponents.
  • I will ensure that all athletes receive equal instruction, support and playing time.
  • I will interact with officials and other coaches in a positive, respectful manner.
  • I will respect social conventions (shaking hands, acknowledging good play by my team and by my opponents).
  • I will show respect and concern for the opponent (lending equipment, forgiving lateness, helping injured players, refraining from running up the score, rebalancing lines).
  • I will be reasonable when scheduling games and practices, remembering that young athletes have other
    interests and obligations.
  • I will ensure that equipment and facilities are safe, and match the athletes’ ages and abilities.
  • I will stop players from damaging or abusing the turf / equipment.
  • I will use the garbage and recycling bins for all my refuse.
  • I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my coaching skills.

Uxbridge Code of Ethics for League Organizers

  • I will remember that play is good for its own sake and that competition should be fun.
  • I will strive to give all individuals the same chance to participate, regardless of ability, gender, or ethnic background.
  • I will ensure that equipment and facilities are safe, and match the athletes’ ages and abilities.
  • I will consider age and maturity levels of the players in program development, rule enforcement, and scheduling.
  • I will ensure that coaches promote fair play and teach good technical skills.
  • I will encourage coaches and officials to obtain appropriate training and certification.
  • I will ensure that house league teams are well balanced and shuffled each season.
  • I will encourage strong players to play on rep teams or, if they choose to play house league, to focus on team play rather than personal achievement.
  • I will distribute codes of ethics to coaches, athletes, officials and parents.
  • I will I will be easily accessible to deal with problems in a timely and constructive manner.