Uxbridge Photos

These great photos of Uxbridge were taken by Charlie Pemberton.

The Train Station

The Train Station

The Library

A View of Brock Street

A View of Brock Street

The Roxy Theatre

The Thomas Foster Memorial

The Thomas Foster


Lucy Maud Montgomery Home

York-Durham Heritage


York-Durham Heritage


The Tin Mill Restaurant - renovated


flour mill

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

St. Paul's Anglican Church

Elgin Pond in Spring

Trinity United Church

Uxbridge Baptist Church

Uxbridge Music Hall

Living Water Community Church

Old Pine Grove Church

Historic Brock Street Building

Trinity United Church

St. Andrews - Chalmers Presbyterian Church

CIBC Bank Built in 1918

Low & Low Funeral Home

Senior Centre

War Memorial

Trail Sign

On The Trail


Trail Lookout

View of Elgin Pond

On TheTrail

Historical Centre building

Historical Centre Barn

Historical Centre Gift Shop

Historical Centre Gazebo

Historical Centre Church

Historical Centre Church

Historical Centre School

Bell Tower

Historical Centre Sign

Leaskdale Manse

Lucy Maud Montgomery Statue

Pipe Band - Historical Centre

Lucy Maud Montgomery Sign

Zephyr Missionary Church

Udora United Church

Hobby Horse Arms

Goodwood Baptist Church

Goodwood Baptist Church Sign