This website lists the various locations (Puffing Stops) where the Uxbridge Loiterers cycle club stop for morning coffees, lunch and afternoon teas.  The majority of the Puffing Stops are in the U.K. but there are also listings for stops in France and Holland under their own sections.

Each UK venue includes address, post code, phone number and OS grid reference.

Current UK Count = UK Pubs 374 : UK Other 255

Update 12th February 2019:             Added to UK Stops Other: Orange Blossom Cafe (Colnbrook)
Update 11th February 2019:              Added to UK Stops Pubs: Ship (Mortlake) Fox and Hounds (Croxley Green) Kings Arms (Sanford-on-Thames) Sir Michael Balcon (Ealing) Sussex Arms (Twickenham)
                                                                                                               Pilot (Chiswick) New Leathern Bottle (Jeallots Hill)
 Stoke (Guildford)
Removed from UK Stops Pubs:  Shepherds Hut (Eton Wick)

Update 9th February 2019:              Removed from UK Stops Pubs:  Slug and Lettuce (Uxbridge)
Removed from UK Stops Other: 
Ozzys Coffee House (Little Chalfont)  Starvin Marvin (Perivale)
Update 8th February 2019             Removed from UK Stops Pubs:  Feathers (Lalelam) Five Bells (Horton) Whitehouse (Stockley Park) Village Hall (Chalfont SP) Whip and Collar (Rickmansworth)
                                                               Removed from UK Stops Other Concorde Club) Cranford
Update 5th February 2019             Removed from UK Stops Pubs:  Crown (Farnham Royal)
                                                               Removed from UK Stops Other:  Gibtel Cafe, Auberge du Chocolat, Coffee Eats and Treats, Budgens

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