About Our Meeting

Faithful living in the power of the Christian gospel (as Friends have understood it) is central to our meeting.  We are not driven by doctrine, dogma, or a belief system, but rather guided by the Living Presence among us.  Expectant waiting worship is our way.

In our silence we are listening for the leading of the Holy Spirit now.  The meeting time may seem to move slowly.  Our spaciousness with time is in contrast to our busy lives. This contemplative pace and mood allows us to slow down and deepen as we wait patiently on the Lord.  We attempt to let go of our own agendas, desires, and drives, to “keep low” so that God’s primacy will prevail.

While the Christian message is at the core of our meeting, all who seek that core are welcome among us and are free to believe and use the religious language that is authentic to them.

Our community strives to live out the ideal set by an early Friend, Isaac Penington (1616 -- 1679) when he wrote:

 Our life is love and peace and tenderness;

And bearing with one another,

       And not laying accusations against one another;

But praying for another,

And helping one another with a tender hand.

[Some of these words were inspired by a letter written for new attenders at North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative).]