September 2017 Update: We will hold Meeting for Worship at 9:00AM on these First Days: September 3rd, September 10th and September 24th.  It is possible that we will hold Meeting for Worship on September 17th and September 31st as well.  If you would like to attend on the 17th or 31st, please call us at 774-481-1212 and be sure to leave a message so we can call you back to let you know if we will be meeting.  You can also e-mail us at info@uxbridgefriends.org.  We will try to update this website with our worship schedule, but it is best to call or e-mail us to be sure.  We will definitely meet for worship on 9/3, 9/19 and 9/24.

We begin our worship at 9:00AM with a period of reading Scripture or the writings of early Friends (in the manner of Conservative Friends), and then the Friend with care of worship that week will transition us into unprogrammed, waiting worship.

We meet from the first Sunday in April though the second Sunday in October in the historic Uxbridge meetinghouse on the corner of Routes 98 and 146A in Uxbridge, Massachusetts.  The rest of the year, in colder weather, we meet in private homes, so please call us first to find out where we are meeting during those months.  Our physical address (for GPS) is 479 Quaker Highway, Uxbridge - please no mail at this address, though.

We do cancel meeting for worship sometimes if the weather is inclement (extreme cold, snow or ice).  Please call us first at 774-481-1212 to make sure meeting for worship will be held if you are unsure.  We will try to update this webpage as well.

Feel free to call us at 774-481-1212 or e-mail us at info@uxbridgefriends.org for more information.  We'd love to hear from you.