For the next meetup we will be reading Testing with Humans by Giff Constable:

Testing with Humans, the sequel to bestseller Talking to Humans, teaches entrepreneurs, innovation teams, and product teams how to run effective experiments. An experiment is a test designed to help you answer the questions "Should we do this?" or "Am I right about this?" If you are open to learning, the insights from your experiments will help you refine your creation and improve your odds of success. Like its prequel, Testing with Humans is concise, highly practical, and packed with useful tactics and tips and examples to answer key questions:
  • Why run experiments?  
  • When to test the business versus the product? 
  • What makes a good experiment? 
  • How do you turn experiments into decisions and actions? 
  • How can we bring experiments into our business culture?

    Where and when
    Please let us know you are coming and download the details direct to your diary via Eventbrite.
    • The next meeting will be on Tuesday 12 February 2019
    • Location: Elabor8 offices on level 13 at 227 Elizabeth Street Sydney, NSW 2000
    • Upon arrival, try the elevators to get to level 13. It may require swipe card access, in which case one of the organisers will be in the lobby to help.
    Eventbrite - UX Book Club Sydney - February 2019

    Get in touch
    We use the UX Book Club Sydney Google group to let you know what we are up to.
    Alternatively, you can chat with us on @UXbookclub_SYD Le Trinh, Kevin Wilkins, Mike Colibraro and Ivy Hornibrook run the group.

    What is it all about?
    Between 15 and 30 people turn up every two months to discuss a book about user experience design. It is a fun, friendly and relaxed event where you can meet other people working in the industry. The books  is mostly about pure UX but sometimes we have a little fun and read something that relates to design but is not just about design. 

    Depending on how many of us attend, we may split into two or more groups. We have drinks and snacks and talk about the book and the themes in the book. Confession! Not everyone has always read the book, but they will read the summary and come ready to talk about the themes of the book anyway :) There are heaps of digital meetup forums to talk UX - the bookclub is special because we get to meet in person and slow things down a little.