My Update

March 29, 2009 Update - What am I doing now?

What's new with me?


March 21-24, 2009

Attended the 40th Annual Grassroots Legislative Conference in Washington DC.

What did I do there?

I attended the workshops held by the United States Students Association where I learned how to lobby and about the issues we were lobbying on and leadership skills.
They also provided a few workshops on campaigning and how to get a public office position.

The Waukesha delegation of 6 lobbied James Sensenbrenner's staffer, Amy, we discussed higher education issues like the Pell Grant, Direct Loans over the Federal Family Education Loan, and the importance of the Perkin's Loan.

What do I plan to do next?

Within the week, our delegation (plus more) plan to attend the budget hearing in Wisconsin. We also plan to lobby our legislators again within the next couple weeks on other issues that will affect students.

What else have I been up to?

I became a member of the Activities Coordination Team on the Waukesha campus. I enjoy being creating when creating promotions for events.  I attend each event to assist in making sure they run smoothly.

I am also coordinating a Red Cross Blood Drive this semester as the Public Relations Coordinating Officer of Student Government at the UW-Waukesha campus. Our donation day is April 7th, 2009.

My Memberships:

Welcome Week - Fall 2008
- First freshmen member

Student Government Association Fall 2008 / Spring 2009
- Public Relations Coordinating Officer
- I am running in the Spring election for the Vice President position

New Horizon's - Fall 2008 / Spring 2009

Activities Coordination Team - Spring 2009

Midnight Bowler's Club - Summer 2008 - Current
- President of the club

United Council - Fall 2008 / Spring 2009

Committee Involvement:

LGBTQ Committee Member
- Planning to run for the chair position in the June General Assembly if the position is still open.

SUFAC Committee Member

Events Coordination Committee (SGA Committee)

Collegium Committee

Parking Committee (Fill In)

My Accomplishments as a College Student:

- First Freshmen to be a part of the Welcome Week Committee

- Successfully coordinated and ran the Wisconsin Blood Center Blood Drive (Fall 2008 Semester)

- Hosted a Bake Sale to raise money to sponsor families for the Waukesha Christmas Council. We raised over $275 and were able to sponsor more families than originally planned.

- Raised about $400 in the Bake Sale I coordinated for the Legislative Conference. Participants include: Nik rettinger, Dan Posca, Shawn Myers, Jenny Jendusa, and Riaan Roux.

- Taking action in extending the library hours for students who attend night classes so that the resources are readily available for them as well

- First generation college student in my family; Non-traditional college student; After being out of school for 7 years, my first semester GPA was above a 3.0!  (YAY ME!)