August 2008

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Last Updated:  03/29/2009

Greetings Everyone!
July 10, 2009 updates done in this color below!

*** Check out my latest update... March 2009! ***

I have returned again to add more content.  I have wasted some time due to Pewaukee flooding, we had about 2' of water throughout the building for a few weeks, causing the building owner to cut off power for a week.

Anyways, I'm getting back on track and setting my priorities straight once again!  This time around I will create a new page for tracking my scholarship entries.  Also, I will make a NEW LINKS page if necessary!  I want to pass on any important information I find!  With that said... time for me to get started.

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My New Goals As Of 08-01-2008:

1)  To spend about 6 hours on a computer, mostly scholarship hunting (with few breaks), for at least 3 days a week, until Sept. 1st, 2008.  This includes anything school related, (ordering books, emailing teachers, etc.).

2)  To apply to at least 5 scholarships a week, however, without rushing each one and providing a more quality essay then I have in the past.

3)  To take my time writing my scholarship essays before entering them.  Possibly finding someone to proof read them as well.


My New Goals As Of 09-07-2008:

1)  To fulfill my duties as a Student Government Officer, if I am elected.  Done

2)  To maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Done (1st semester)

3)  To stay ahead of all homework assignments, and study at least one class a day for about an hour, in about 3 or 4 sessions.

4)  To continue working with finding a disc golf course designer willing to work with me on campus, as well as getting the Disc Golf Guild created.  Person found; interest amongst the students lost

5)  To keep on top of my duties as a Work-study student with my flyers and bulletin boards.


My Update:

College is going great, I enjoy meeting new people and so far I have been keeping up with my homework!  I've designed campaign flyers which are hung up around the school and this week I will be handing out suckers with little messages on them telling the students "Don't Blow It".  (Blow Pops).

As far as the Disc Golf Club goes, someone else is creating the club so I can be just a member!  (YAY! Less work for me).  Plus, Chris is more experienced with the sport then I am so I'm sure it will be better ran this way.
Chris never did anything with creating the club.  I ended up becoming too busy with my campus duties along with school work.  At least I didn't fall behind my first semester.

I did drop my History 105 class because I felt that I should complete English 102 first to be better prepared for the class.  I plan to re-enroll in the class next year, as long as it fits my schedule.
Too bad I am going to Whitewater now.  I need to sell my books!  Whitewater does rental which will help me in the long run on saving money.

Well, that's all for now.