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Old stuff:
Most photos are now being stored at my picasaweb site, here, but I'll try and link everything from here anyway
 Jan 11
 For the third year in a row, my BEGS Expedition (2010-John O'Groats/Dunnet Head) has been awarded the Livingston Award for "most outstanding expedition"
 Jan 11    
No diving since July 2010 -- plenty of mountain biking, a bit of walking
 July 10      
My Pentland Firth (Dunnet Head) expedition went ahead and was a great success, some superb diving in some of the most dangerous waters in the world -- UW photos here and surface photos here
 Jan 10   
Some spectacular walking in Glenshee -- amazingly windy but got some good hills in. Photos here
 Jan 10   
Not much diving going on. Went on honeymoon to Wester Ross (Applecross), got snowed in... photos here
 Dec 09       
Busy month... Diving Officer's conference, Xmas trip (photos here) and what else...? Oh, got married. Photos here
 Dec 09
I was very chuffed to be awarded BSAC Branch Volunteer of the Year for South Scotland - £600 worth of dive computer as a prize!
 Nov 09        
BSAC has awarded my EUSAC 2010 expedition to John O'Groats (Dunnet Head) £1,000!
 Nov 09
My ardnamurchan expedition has won the Livingston Award for "most outstanding expedition"... that's two years in a row, now!
September 09
Ardnamurchan BEGS expedition is back safe and sound after some great exploratory diving---despite the weather. Photos here
August 09
 Climbing Ben Lui: here
July 09    
 EUSAC has won the Heinke Trophy---it is officially the best diving club in the world!!!
July 09         ... very busy, not much diving---besides Egypt (Deep South, Blue Fin): here
June 09
 BBBB (Bullen Boys Big Boozy Bash): here
28 Apr 09  
Lots of stuff happening recently-- Mull and Coll also did the aerial assault course at ratho for Sasha's birthday
05 Apr 09   
Another busy week--this time my neighbour upstairs flooded my bathroom, and Andy and I headed out to Glen Tress for more biking in the early sunshine. Photos here.
30 Mar 09    
It's been a busy week... the AGM was held on Thursday, the Heinke application (a copy can be found here) was completed and we dived the A-frames over the weekend. AGM and A-frames photos are here
11 Mar 09
BSAC has awarded my application to BEGS (Ardnamurchan Peninsula, 2009) a grant of £1,000!!!
Feb 09   
EUSU has awarded my Cape Wrath expedition, 2008, the Livingston Award for "most outstanding expedition"

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