Volunteer Opportunities

Interest Groups

Aboriginal Health Advocacy Group

A group for students interested in learning more about health issues specific to Indigenous populations in London and across Canada. afine2013@meds.uwo.ca.

Hungry For Change

Hungry for Change is a dinner gala organized by UWO medical students to raise money for global health initiatives. It is a venue where medical students, faculty members, area physicians and community members are brought together to discuss various current issues facing resource poor areas. The theme this year  is "Health Care and International Relief" and will feature live orchestral and choir performances, a themed dinner and a silent auction. The proceeds of the dinner go to the Global Health Funding Committee, (which provides scholarships to students pursuing global health electives), and Haruma Children's Home (an orphanage in Kenya).rpinto2013@meds.uwo.ca

Operation Green

In the modern operating room, many items are readied for surgery but remain unused at the end of the procedure and are discarded. These items represent superfluous waste and are called surgical “overage”. Operation Green is a student-led initiative that seeks to mitigate the environmental impact of current healthcare practices by collecting overage items such as gloves and suture packs, and have medical students on international electives donate them to resource-poor areas. ykagoma2012@meds.uwo.ca


Political Advocacy Committee

The Political Advocacy Committee is a branch of the CFMS for medical students interested in national and local lobbying efforts. Our projects include advocacy education for the student body, working with the student delegation to the National Lobby Day in Ottawa, and a local project working on Access to Essential Medicines. aselbie2013@meds.uwo.ca

Public Health Interest Group

The Schulich School of Medicine PHIG was founded through the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada’s task group on Public Health's Social Accountability Initiative to found medical student public health interest groups.

Broadly the group’s goals include: promoting the importance of public health to the student population, exposing students to public health professionals and community activities, providing an opportunity for students to learn and develop leadership skills, and suggesting Community Medicine as a possible career.

The group creates and facilitates activities that promote public health within both the university and the surrounding community. aselbie2013@meds.uwo.ca

Local Volunteer Opportunities

Help for the Homeless Charity Group

Help support Rotholme Women's and Family shelter through arts and crafts nights with children and manicures with their mothers.  afine2013@meds.uwo.ca

Newcomer Health Project

The Newcomer Health Project provides an opportunity for students to volunteer at a student-run refugee health clinic in London. ahodgson2013@meds.uwo.ca.

Western Clubs

 Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Western msf.friends.uwo@gmail.com

 Students Rebuilding Health in Rwanda uwo.srhir@gmail.com

 Students Taking Action Now: Darfur Western western@standcanada.org

 Oxfam Western westernoxfam@gmail.com

 WaterCan at Western watercan.western@gmail.com