We welcome students from any major to join the Microbiology Club! Our meetings feature talks by UW-Madison researchers in microbiology, biotechnology, and other biological sciences, career panels, and opportunities to interact with other students and faculty members who share your interests. We host social events where students have a chance to meet each other and tour local industries that implement microbiology.


Christian Loyo   President

Madeline Akbari Vice President

Michael Gui
Events Coordinator

Kayla Bonack
Outreach Chair
UW-Madison Microbiology Club
Welcome to the UW-Madison Microbiology Club website!  We have biweekly meetings where we invite professors to give lectures, do social events, tour breweries, and learn about microbes!  

Check the Calendar to view upcoming meeting dates.

  • Meeting Schedule
Every-other Thursday at 6:30pm in 1420.
Please see calendar for dates 
  • Study Nights
6:30pm every Tuesday we don't have a  meeting in 1420.

Upcoming Events!

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