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Register for Safe Treat


Organizations who participate have a chance at winning awards for Safe Treat 2013!

Safe Treat is a community event for the surrounding areas to join UWG for a fun family night full of treats! This event brings groups and organizations together by providing activities for participants and community children to play, watch, dance, and have fun. This event will occur in conjunction with the Art Department's Carve on the Quad, and is featured as a "Signature Program" for the University of West Georgia. 

Safe Treat will be Tuesday, October 29th, 2013from 6:30pm to 8:30pm, in the Campus Quad. All organizations, groups, and halls are welcomed to participate and attend. Each group is limited to ONE (1) table with TWO (2) chairs. 

Special requests or necessary accommodations must be included on your registration form. This can include arrangements for activities, requests for location, or any other information necessary for your group to participate. All participating groups and organizations will need to be set up no later than 6:15pm, and plan to remain up until 8:45pm. Please anticipate around 300 children from the Carrollton community. 

  • All activities will be subject to approval by Residence Hall Association (RHA) and the Department of Housing and Residence Life.
    • Applications will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of submission.


Questions or Concerns? 
Please contact RHA at rha@westga.edu or come to our office at the Suites Center.

Regulations for Activities

  • Only thing provided is ONE (1) table (6' or 8') and TWO (2) chairs per organization/group.
  • Registration must be submitted no later than October 13th and a confirmation email MUST be received for participation in this event.
  • If activity is not approved, you will not be permitted to participate as an organization/group. 
  • Should there be more than THREE (3) duplicates of the same activity, you will be contacted and asked to chose another activity. Early registration is encouraged to ensure your activity will be approved.
Activities may-not:
  • Use unwrapped candy. Please use individually wrapped candy
  • Advertise sales or solicit in any way
  • Use Pinatas
  • Use Provocative costumes
  • Use Sharp objects or weapons (including fake weapons)
  • Use profanity, explicit content or images.
Make Sure:
  • If using paint within your activity, you MUST ensure that a new brush and clean rinse water is used between every application of the paint to an individual. 
  • Each organization/group participant or volunteer must provide student ID or another form of government-issued identification.