OLD UWG Mission 2010-2015: UWG seeks to achieve preeminence in providing educational excellence in a personal environment through an intellectually stimulating and supportive community for its students, faculty, and staff.

NEW UWG Vision Statement 2014-2020: UWG aspires to be the best comprehensive university in America – sought after as the best place to work, learn and succeed! 

DDEC Mission: The Distance & Distributed Education Center (UWG Online) is a university-wide function at UWG which serves to develop and enhance the university's ability to deliver education to campus students, online students, and students at remote locations as well as to meet institutional distance learning goals. Through intercampus sharing of resources, the Distance and Distributed Education Center facilitates collaboration among university colleges, schools, and departments to deliver quality distance instruction, faculty and student services, and other distance learning initiatives.  DDEC Goals align with old 2010-2015 Strategic Plan (Sethna) and new 2014 - 2020 Strategic Plan (Marrero) 

IMPROVEMENTS MAPPED TO GOALS/ 2009-2013 SUMMARY REPORT (SENT TO SACS JAN 2014 - 3 yr summary update, vs individual Annual Reports in 3rd column below) - SUMMARY

IMPROVEMENTS/ Goals FY14 (suggestions in progress)   vs    IMPROVEMENTS/ ANNUAL REPORT Goals FY14 (in place, to be assessed June 2013)

SACS - Current
DDEC SACS Assessment Link (sent to SACS)
DDEC's response to findings Jan 2014 (sent to JAnderson)
eCore's response to findings Jan 2014 (sent to JAnderson)
DDEC's response to findings Jan 2014 (mapped)

SACS-related Policies @ UWG

D2L v10.2Design Considerations (Feb 4, 2014 USG)

Complete College Ga
USG CCG Plan (2012)

DDEC Data Reports (needs to be added)

SACS - Archive
Currently located on shared Distance drive
VPAA Database/ SACS/ Annual Reports
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Course/Program Approval/ Substantive Change
VPAA dbase (above) 4 course change requests; program updates

QEP [Improve Undergrad Writing)

QEP Development Process
   Student Services (DE) QEP Committee (orig. 2011)
QEP FAQ (draft 3 3/24/2014)
Our role: Provide support, prof development, tech tools [Turnitin; Smarthinking; best practices]

UWG Online Taskforce

Grow West: Whitepaper (Fac Senate Approved)

Community Service & Professional Development
Community Service
Professional Development

Faculty Training
Training Log (Sheet)

CoursEval (Faculty/Students)

Data - other
IPEDS (national)


Data - Closing the Loop
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Data Engagement (link 2) -which is correct?

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