University of the West Student Government Constitution

Ennacted via Student Referendum - May 6, 2013

Article I. Roles and Responsibilities

A.    To be the students’ voice when working with UWest administration and to be a bridge between UWest students, faculty, and staff;

B.      To work with UWest administration to improve students’ quality of life;

C.    To assist UWest in attaining academic success, advocate for continuous and increased academic rigor, and propose, endorse, and comment on all UWest administrative and academic policies;

D.     To enrich the UWest community and organize events that foster cultural understanding among UWest students;

E.      To cultivate compassion, loving-kindness, sympathetic joy and equanimity on campus;

F.       To recognize the rights of all students regardless of race, religion, nationality, gender presentation, sexual orientation, and ability and to support the right of all students to practice religion in whatever way they see fit;

G.    To house student clubs and organizations;

H.     To manage and allocate student fee and donated funds to support its operations, clubs, and organizations;

I.         To serve the student body in whatever way necessary within the confines of this Constitution and Bylaws.

Article II. Membership

A.    Members are all students of University of the West who pay the appropriate fee.  No student may opt out of the fee.

Article III. Representation

A.    Officers and representatives are elected in free and fair elections and may be appointed to vacant seats per the Bylaws.

B.      Officers must include at least a President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Other elected Officers may be added as needed per the Bylaws.  The primary duty of all Officers is to see to the day to day business of running the government.

C.    Representatives are elected to various seats per the Bylaws.  The primary duty of all representatives is to facilitate communication between the student body and the student government.

Article IV. Structure

A.    The structure of the student government shall be comprised of standing committees, special committees, and the Assembly.

B.      The Assembly includes the Officers, representatives, committee chairs, and any and all students who wish to attend.  The Assembly shall hold regular meetings, which will be advertised to the student body in advance.  All students who attend an Assembly have the right to participate in discussions and decisions.

C.    Standing committees are permanent committees from year to year and supervise the ongoing business of the student government.  Standing committees shall include the Executive Council, made up of the Officers with the President as chair, and the Election Commission, made up of independent students who oversee free and fair elections.  The Assembly has the ability to create standing committees as it sees fit; the organization and role of these committees will be described in the Bylaws.

D.     Special committees are temporarily constituted to address specific issues, questions, problems, or concerns.  The Assembly has the ability to create special committees as it sees fit, set their mandate, designate the chair, approve members, and approve committee recommendations.

Article V. Bylaws

A.    Bylaws

1.      The student government shall enact Bylaws which compliment the Constitution, defining and detailing processes and structures.

2.      The Bylaws contain rules and regulations regarding financial disbursement, tracking, and budgeting of student government fees and funds.

3.      The Bylaws can be amended by the Assembly. All changes must be announced to the student body prior to their approval.

4.      In the event of a conflict, this Constitution supersedes the Bylaws.

B.      Election Commission

1.      The Election Commission shall be made up of independent student members who are neither currently an officer or representative nor running for office.

2.      Election Commission Bylaws are adopted to detail the processes for the elections and votes.

3.      Amendments shall be made by the Election Commission with the approval of the Assembly.

4.      In the event of a conflict, this Constitution supersedes the Election Commission Bylaws. 

Article VI. Recall, Removal, and Referenda

A.    Officers and representatives can be recalled by the student body with a majority of the students voting for a recall.  Circumstances and procedures for a recall vote shall by subject to the Election Commission Bylaws.

B.      Officers, representatives, and committee chairs can be removed at the discretion of the Assembly.  Circumstances and procedures for removal shall by subject to the student government Bylaws.

C.    The Assembly or the study body may place referenda items on the ballot to receive the decision of the majority of the student body.  Circumstances and procedures for referenda will be subject to the Election Commission Bylaws.

Article VII. Amendments

A.    Any student may propose amendments to this Constitution. 

B.      Proposed amendments must be announced and debated publicly at least one week prior to the vote.

C.    Proposed amendments must be approved by a majority of the student body via a referendum vote.