UWaterloo Curling Club

The purpose of this page is to act as a central source of information about the Club, such as session dates and times, meetings, and contact information. 

Please join the mailing list for more information on the Club and to get updates: http://groups.google.com/group/uw-curling-club.

To stay connected and meet teammates you can also join our Facebook group: UWaterloo Curling Club
Mission: To provide an open, enjoyable environment for University students, staff, and alumni of all different curling backgrounds and experiences to get together and enjoy the sport of curling.
What We Offer: Weekly curling sessions during the Fall and Winter academic terms. Each session is a 2 hour time that is spent by members playing a recreational game of curling against one another. Two sessions are offered. See Term Information for more details on the location, cost, and schedule for the current or upcoming term of curling.
Executive:  Check Contact Information for an introduction to the current executive and for information on how to contact them.
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