Book Week Ideas 2010

Book Week Mar 15-19, 2010


This year's Book Week theme is

Reading Opens Doors: Step into the magic

 Classes can interpret this as they will.  We hope the metaphor will give you plenty of scope.  E.g., decorate your classroom door as a book cover?

I've started to collect a list of books in the library that have something to do with doors (literally), e.g., Goldilocks opens a door she perhaps shouldn't have, the door in the back of the wardrobe that leads to Narnia, Slinky Malinki opens the door, etc.  If you have any ideas for more, let me know.

For Book Week you also might want to note the following library book lists:
 As the Australian Children's Book Council had a similar theme several years back ("Doorways"), there are some websites with doorway-related ideas online.

Activities schoolwide

Kick-off with a surprise D.E.A.R. time :  If possible, we were thinking that at some point Monday morning, each class would be visited by an unexpected dramatic guest -- perhaps in a long, flowing cape and ringing a bell or banging a tambourine -- and that person would announce that Book Week was officially beginning with a D.E.A.R. time for the class.  The person won't stay -- they'll just signal the beginning of a D.E.A.R. time (for whatever length the teacher wants it to be).  E.g.,  "Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye -- Book Week has begun!  Open up your books and starting reading right now!"  (or something like that).

Who would be the dramatic guest?  Well, Bruce has already agreed (with Keri-Lee saying she could cover his class for the time it takes him to sweep around one floor).  For the other two floors, we thought Craig, Mary, Karl, or David would be great.  Volunteers?  Need to think of some fun costume or prop.

 Date Day Activities
 Mar 15
 Mother Tongue Monday
 Focus on stories and literature in languages other than English
See World Languages page
 Mar 16
 Poem-in-Your-Pocket Tuesday
 Everyone come with a poem in  your pocket and general promotion of poetry
See Poetry Resources page
 Mar 17
 Book Awards Wednesday
 Voting for the Red Dot Awards - plus general promotion of various book awards
See Book Award Info page
 Mar 18
 Get Real Thursday
 Focus on non-fiction
See Non-Fiction page
 Mar 19
 Dress-Up Friday
 All-school assembly - with Read & Recycle Book Sale in canteen
Dress-up ideas

Book Fair -- in the canteen

D.E.A.R. - Drop Everything And Read -- happening whenever teachers/grades want.

Book quizzes -- whether live or on paper

Read & Recycle Book Sale -- on Friday morning in the canteen -- being run by Grade 3 students -- books will be $1 and $2 in price with all profits going to literacy projects for our Global Concerns.

Activities in the library

Quizzes - paper, online -- requiring either online or book research

Display of published works by UWCSEA East students

The Reading Game - an active game with 8 stations (tables featuring a selection of books by some genre or category)  where teams of students have 5 min. to quickly evaluate the books on three criteria:  Best Cover, Best Blurb, and Best Start.  This is best played in the library (or, rather, the ICT lab) -- see me if you want me to run a session of the game for you.  (Best for Grades 2-5)
  • See also this list of the different ways stories can begin -- a good discussion to have with children -- can they think of books that fit or don't fit these categories? --  Ways Stories Begin
A Reading Chair in a special Reading Zone -- where there is a chair that is filled all day long with someone reading.  Guest readers would be scheduled one after the other and classes would be able to book to come and hear one.  Perhaps the Dragon's Den could be reserved for one or more days for such an event.  Mood/lamp lighting and lots of cushions would make a cozy place for a class to come to hear someone read to them.

Author visits

Margriet Ruurs will be an author visiting from overseas, but unfortunately not during Book Week itself -- on the following Monday, March 22nd.  She'll be doing sessions with K1, K2, and Grade 3.  She will also be doing an evening presentation to parents, 7:30-8:30 PM.  See her homepage and her blog.

I'm also contacting local authors -- e.g., Adeline Foo, Emily Lim, and Ben Morley -- to see about them coming in.  Will keep you posted.

Activities in the grade/classroom

Book Week Briefs from Ms. Day -- each morning you'll have a message from me -- e.g., a link to something you can put up on  your projector -- to celebrate Book Week.  It will be something short.

Storytelling inspired by art  -- as many of you are doing units on "How We Express Ourselves".  The Artful Thinking website (from Harvard) would go well with this.  In the UK Booktrust booklet on Book Week ideas, these paintings are recommended as good story-starters:

Nighthawks -- by Edward Hopper
The Lady of Shallott -- by John Everett Millais
The Singing Butler -- Jack Vettriano


Read-in (e.g., Beach Day, Slumber Party), where everyone dressed up and just reads all day long or for a large part of a day

Reading buddies with another class

Guest readers -- parents, other teachers, etc.

Invite parents in to talk about "The Book That Hooked Me" (on reading)

Publish student work - create books, etc. -- and send to the library for display or to give to a service project, e.g., Grade 5 just made books to take to Cambodia and they may choose to make books to give to Al Jamira children's home.

Select / write poems for the Library Poetry Archive, which will be a general resource consisting of A4 laminated sheets of poems.  Perhaps each class could choose 10-20 poems to contribute.

Generate a class list of favorite books -- online -- perhaps using SurveyMonkey or Google Docs or the library catalog.  Share with the world (I can help, if you want).

Reading logs or booklets, where kids can collect books they've read and liked -- or books they've heard about from other students during Book Week that they want to read.
Example of a Books Booklet I've used in the past - which is a single A4 sheet, printed on both sides, and folded (files attached below -- see books_booklet...:

Earn reading/book stamps or stickers -- I will have either a special stamp available in the library -- to stamp kids' hands when they have achieved something (so many books logged in their Books Booklet?) -- or stickers to give the kids.  So think of something they can accomplish at home or in the classroom that might deserve a stamp or sticker.

Global Bookmark Exchange -- an initiative of Margriet Ruurs -- which your class could participate in.  Read this blog post of hers where she explains how it works.

Display ideas

Quotes re Reading & Books that kids could illustrate in some way -- Here's a Google Doc you can add your own favorite quotes to.

Guess Who Got Caught Reading? Game
-- teachers have pictures taken of themselves hiding behind a favorite book -- kids have to guess who it is
[click on an image to enlarge]

List of you teachers & your books -- a spreadsheet you can edit -- to tell me the book you've chosen and the blurb to go with it -- I'll take your photo

Related links

  • Bookplates to print out and color -- from My Home Library - an initiative set up by Anne Fine in the UK when she was the Children's Laureate

  • Here are book ideas and activities from Primary Resources (UK).

Katie Day,
Mar 1, 2010, 10:06 PM
Katie Day,
Mar 1, 2010, 10:06 PM