Tuition, Fees & Travel Costs

We have attempted to keep tuition and fees as affordable as possible.  

Field School Fee:
The total fee for the field school will be posted in Fall 2016.  The approximate total amount is $2,500.  The first payment of ≈$400 (tentative) is due to the Department of Anthropology on March 15, 2017.  The remainder (≈$2,100) will appear on your U.W. bill and must be paid by May 31, 2017.

International Programs Fee and Travel Insurance:
In addition to the field school fee, students will need to pay a study abroad fee of ≈$100 and international student travel insurance of ≈$50.  Both will be charged to your U.W. bill.  

U.W. Tuition and Student Fees
Students will pay regular summer tuition and fees.  The total amount for these will depend on whether the course will be 6 credits hours.  According to the 2015 U.W. Fee Book, all students (resident or not) will pay resident tuition for the field school.  University of Wyoming tuition has some of the lowest in the country. Resident U.W. tuition & fees (not including the field school fee) will total approximately $1,070.  If you are a non-resident, your original U.W. bill may charge you non-resident tuition.  If this happens, please contact me immediately (and do not pay your bill until it gets corrected).

Financial support may be available:
  • As long as there are 10 students committed to the field school and who have completed the application by February 1, 2017, we will submit a group application for U.W. supplemental funding (Cheney International Travel Grants) that will help pay for student tuition and fees. Only students with GPAs of 3.0 or higher will be eligible for this scholarship funding. Past recipients have received as much as $1000 apiece.  This funding is not available to students from non-U.W. colleges or universities.
  • Students are encouraged to apply, individually, for one of the many scholarships through U.W. International Programs.
  • Limited support for students may be available through the Frison Institute and/or the Department of Anthropology
  • U.W. Financial Aid can help you find other sources of funding to help cover tuition and fees.
  • If you are a student at another university, there may very well be funding options through your university's study abroad, international programs, major department, and/or financial aid office.
What is covered by the tuition and fees:
  • Lodging during the official timeframe of the field school.
  • Meals (excluding drinks) during the official timeframe of the field school, except on Sundays (non-field days). 
  • In-country transportation as required by the field school (e.g., to and from Zagreb to field sites, in-between field sites, field school excursions).
  • All instruction, in the field or otherwise.
  • Expert tour guides for excursions to sites and museums.
  • All non-personal field equipment (e.g., trowels, etc.)
Examples of what is not covered:
  • Travel to and from Zagreb, Croatia (Denver to Zagreb roundtrip ranges from $1500 to $2000 for economy; it can be less expensive, if you have the time, to fly in and out of Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna, or Milan and then travel by bus or train to Zagreb) or if you want to fly via Iceland.
  • Any meals or lodging that are not provided by the field school.  On Sundays, meals will not be provided by the field school, but lodging will be.
  • All drinks, alcoholic or otherwise, except drinking water.
  • Personal field equipment (e.g., boots, gloves, hat, appropriate clothing, daypack, sunblock, bug repellent, etc.)
  • All other expenses that are not explicitly stated in the "What is covered . . ." section, above.

Interested in applying?  Go here

Interested in more information?  Contact Dr. Jim Ahern