The University of Wyoming Department of Anthropology, in collaboration with the University of Zagreb, the Croatian Ministry of Culture, and the Croatian Institute for Anthropological Research, is pleased to announce an archaeological field school to take place during the summer of 2017.  This 6 credit-hour course is intended for undergraduates and is open to students from any college or university.  An introduction to archaeology course (e.g., ANTH 1300 at U.W.) is a required prerequisite.  No previous field experience is required or expected.

Course Information & Credits: ANTH 4140-04: Archaeology Field School, 6 credit hours.

Schedule (tentative): June 21 - July 17, 2017

Total Tuition and Fees (tentative): TBD.  Approximately $2,500 field school fee plus UW tuition & fees (does not include travel to and from). 

Application deadline: March 15, 2017. (March 15, 2017 if wanting to be considered for Cheney funding)


Participate in excavations at least three different sites

              • Different periods: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Late Middle Ages/Early Modern
              • Different site types: Caves, rock-shelters, alpine settlements and castles
              • Renowned faculty and instructors with diverse interests and expertise

Learn field techniques and how they are implemented at different sites

              • Survey methods as well as in-depth site excavation techniques
              • Traditional (i.e., transit, plumb bob & tape) and modern (i.e, total station) site mapping
              • Geophysical/remote sensing techniques including resistivity, ground penetrating radar and aerial photogrammetry.
              • Artifact screening, inventory, & labeling
              • Site and artifact documentation and recording 

Learn about the deep prehistory and history of south-central Europe, including:

              •  The Neandertal-modern human transition
              •  Transhumance: the connections between the Adriatic sea and interior Croatia
              •  Medieval fortifications, conflicts and settlement patterns; Ottoman expansion into Europe

Visit other famous sites and places including

              • The Krapina Neandertal Site (including the world-class Krapina Neandertal Museum)
              • The Archaeological Museum of Zagreb
              • The Pula Roman Amphitheater
              • Metulum/Viničica: Site of Octavius' defeat of the Japodians.  Key event that positioned him to become Emperor Augustus.
              • Modruš: Ruins of what once had been the political and religious center of Croatia.
              • The Adriatic Sea with its famous beaches

Interested in applying?  Go here (online application will be live by early-December)

Interested in more information?  Contact Dr. Jim Ahern