Field School Photos

The 2012, 2013 & 2015 U.W. Archaeological Field Schools in Croatia were a great success.  

2015 Field School
Eleven students participated in the 2015 field school and worked and learned aside Croatian students at the sites of Viničica, Baračeva, Abri Kontija, Romualdo, and Rovinjsko Selo.  Highlights included using a drone to create photogrammetric models of Modruš castle and Abri Kontija rock shelter, numerous Upper Paleolithic and Middle Paleolithic artifacts, Ottoman Period human remains.

2013 Field School
Ten students participated in the 2013 field school and worked alongside Croatian students at our three field sites (Viničica, Baračeva and Bukovac).  Highlights included a Middle Paleolithic core from Bukovac, an amazing geophysical map of the Roman settlement of Metulum, and the discovery of multiple necropoli (with thousands of human bones each) at Baračeva.

See photos from the 2013 Field School here.

2012 Field School
Eleven students participated and learned and worked alongside Croatian students at our four field sites (VP-Klicevica, Vinicica, Novigrad, and Bukovac).  And what a great group of students it was!

Along with the regular field school faculty, visiting archaeologists from Croatia, England, France, Italy and Slovenia shared their expertise.  Thanks much to them and everyone else who participated in the 2012 field school.

2012 Croatia Field School