Welcome to the UWC Gender Equity Website! This page will be updated with information on campus visits, summaries of resources on gender equity in higher education, and other resources used to determine the best practices for gender equity in the UW Colleges. 

As you will read on the UWC Gender Equity Background Page, this position developed out of ongoing conversations between faculty and administration about the gender-based pay gap revealed in the faculty salary compression study conducted by Robert Guell in 2012. 

As gender equity coordinator, my first task is to follow up on the specific issues connected to that gender-based pay gap within the faculty ranks. I am currently studying our retention, tenure, promotion, and merit policies, processes, and experiences; I am gathering information from department and campus leaders, as well as all faculty to better understand our processes and experiences. At the same time, I am reading academic research, as well as other related articles, on these topics. You can read my summaries of these resources under Annotated Bibliography of Gender Equity ResearchOnce I've discovered some key issues, I will make recommendations about how to best address them within our institution, relying on shared governance throughout the process. 

Then, my next task is to address an overarching issue of work-life balance, something that challenges many employees within the institution; I will once again use the same process of reaching out to campus and unit leaders and all impacted employees to gather information. I will continue to research this issue and share my summaries of the sources, and then make my recommendations for how to address these issues, once again relying on shared governance.

As I explore these issues, I will be traveling to your campuses to meet with you--you can see my tentative schedule of events under Presentations and Campus Visits. I'm working with campus steering chairs and faculty senators to arrange these visits. I look forward to meeting you in person. In the meantime, do feel free to contact me at jessica.vanslooten@uwc.edu with any questions, comments, resources you may have. 

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