About Us

 The Class of 2016 shares their advice:


Sierra Anderson joined us from the University of Texas at Austin, where she led their exchange partnerships with top university in Latin America, Australia, and New Zealand.  Prior to that, Sierra worked as the College Counselor and Standardized Test Coordinator at the American Nicaraguan School in Managua, Nicaragua, where she taught high school social studies before moving into the counselor role.  She began her career by serving as a volunteer in the US Peace Corps in Honduras, focusing on health and youth development programming. Sierra grew up in the United States, and obtained her BA in Psychology and International Relations from the University of California at Davis, during which she spent a year studying at the Univerisdad Complutense de Madrid in Spain. 

Kyra Kellawan worked for an Economic & Social Research think-tank, a small US liberal arts college (Huron University) and a large public research university (King’s College London) before taking up a  position in College Counseling at the Lycée Français in New York in 2014. Kyra has been a long time supporter of UWC and has visited campuses at Red Cross Nordic in Norway, Atlantic College in Wales, UWC Maastricht, and Li Po Chun Hong Kong for her work at King's to meet students applying to the UK. She joins the UWC from Barcelona, where she has been working with the British Council, and independently advising students on university applications. She grew up in the USA and in the UK, completing her university studies in England (University of Southampton).