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Google A-Z

Google Tools and Apps. More than just docs and email!

Social Bookmarking

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Diigo lets user save bookmarks to the "cloud". share bookmarks, highlight and annotate webpages, send bookmarked sites directly to blogs and otherwise make web-based reading social.

Diigo V5: Collect and Highlight, Then Remember! from diigobuzz on Vimeo.


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How To
        How to Retweet
        How to Create Lists  (view updates from selected users without necessarily following them or having them appear in your main timeline)

Academics are using Twitter to form professional network, to support class work, to create "back channels" during class sessions.


Blogger (a Google platform)



Evernote is a multitask tool that works across mobile and desktop devices.  Store and share webpage clips, handwritten notes, photos, audio notes, pdfs all in one platform.

Social Reading

Readers can share their highlights and annotation of web-based reading using a variety of tools.


Readers can share highlights they've made on a Kindle Book and view highlights by others (works also on the Kindle App on the IPad).
Readers can also share text that they've highlighted on a Kindle on Facebook and Twitter

Social Booking for Annotating Web Pages

Here's an example of Diigo used to read a NYT article together.

Blogs for Shared Interactive Reading

CommentPress   is a plug in for WordPress blogs that enables interactive commenting on a text (such as a draft of a book or paper).

E-Reading and Managing E-Reader Content

Calibre Ebook Management  enables readers to convert ebooks and other media from one e-reader format to another.  Mobile and desktop options.

Location Based Gaming Tools

Gowalla enables students to create virtual maps (literature?  history?) to share with others.