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What Project Participants Will Do

Goals for Participants

Expand one’s own Learning Network in order to grow in understanding of e-learning and assessment:

  • Pursuing and refining one’s questions through digital connections (twitter, social bookmarking, RSS feeds, blogs, “favorites” on social media sites, others)

  • Experience sharing one’s own learning throughout the project with

    UWB E-circle members and fellows

    Distant peers

Minimal Responsibilities


Updates to UWB E-circle members:

Questions, resource sharing (articles, tools, links, conversations) , requests for feedback, drafts of course assignments.

Shared via Twitter, blogs, Diigo bookmarks with notes, other tools.  NOT via email.

Use project tags, hashtags, as noted on the linked page.


Bi Weekly:

Reflective blog posts on own blog (URL or RSS feed posted on Blog page on this site)  


  • Incorporate at least two new tools into your own learning (at least at experimental level)
    • Social Media Tools
    • Apps such as Evernote, Aji I-Annotate, Google Mobile tools.
  • Build topical page on the Google Site (in pair/teams/solo):
    • Resources for learning to use a particular tool
    • Pedagogical strategies incorporating  particular media or content areas
Attend  on- campus and virtual meetings.


  • Full Day Session (with Will Richardson)
  • Half Day Sessions (one or two)
  •  Consulting with one another on works in progress. ("Unconference")
    • Topical workshops: "how to", legal/ethical issues, pedagogy/assessment


Required Reports:


"Two page"  blog post (audience: The Steering Committee and Peers) on feedback/suggestions/ progress/participation/accomplishments to date.  Due  March 10


Focus on questions of assessment of digital projects.

Presentation of Project to the Campus

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