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Learning Through Digital Media

An excellent compilation of essays on technology and pedagogy, in a open-scholarship, interactive format.

HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Sciences, and Technology Collaboratory

Click here for examples of cross-disciplinary projects incorporating digital media (from gaming to collaborative tools to media production) to support new forms of learning.

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Michael Wesch's talk at the Library of Congress captures both the ways in which students might study new digital/social media and the anthropological significance of uses of platforms such as YouTube.

An Antrhopological Introduction to You Tube

The Twitter Experiment at UT Dallas

Reflections and explanation from the faculty member can be found here.

Michael Wesch's Digital Course Portal

Students' work across multiple digital platforms in one course are all compiled in one web page via "feeds" that update automatically.  Wesch also includes tabs for a "wall" of ongoing student comments and aggregations of scholarly conversations in the field that automatically update as they're posted elsewhere on the internet.

USC's Student Handbook of Multimedia Scholarship

University of Southern California's take on "media literacies" in which students must be adept to navigate and contribute to scholarly and public discourse, suggestinga range of assignments that might be developed to prepare students for fluency in mediated worlds.    For example: 

"Argumentation focuses on the ability to develop, express and defend a persuasive thesis using media, as well as the ability to use evidence and complex thinking in constructing an argument". (emphasis added).

Compiling a Wiki for Class Notes

Detailed explanation of how one instructor assigned teams of students to develop wiki pages connecting class notes and reading to build a collaborative knowledge base for the course. 

Incorporating Multiple Digital Platforms in a Large Lecture Course, culminating in a  "Simulation" incorporating Multiple Digital Tools.

Digital Writing Across the Curriculum

On this somewhat clunky webpage are examples of how faculty modify writing assignments when writing in done within and for digital environments, writing that many of our students will be doing in their careers.

The Oral Historian's Digital Toolbox       

The Oral Historian's Digital Toolbox is a compilation of resources for such tasks as speech-to-text transcription to geomapping tools and audio and video editing.