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April 23 Meeting Notes and Resources

Jim Groom's  Talk

Note:  There are tech Glitches, so we can't hear Will Richardson's questions (that we were sending via chat)

"Using Social Media in the Classroom is about Shaping and Creating an on-line identity".

"Building something that you know will have a life beyond the class".

Students take control of their own work, their own data compiled over the time on campus and manage it in their post-university world.

Jim Groom and Social Media in Higher Ed


The platform at Mary Washington, based on Wordpress

Examples of students' on-line identities, built over time at the university:

The Crowdsourced Course DS106

Mark's Work with Evernote

Kris' Students' PSA Announcements

Sarah Lowe: The Beck Tour

We didn't record the skype session, but more information on Sarah's project is here.

Links that Sarah later sent:

Subpages (1): UWB/Bothell App?