Welcome to the file cabinet

This website is intended to help ENGL 1010 instructors develop strong, clear lessons, units, assignments, and assessment. Based on feedback from previous grad assistants, the site has been redesigned in an effort to improve navigability to the most-used information.  

The Binder

"Just in Time" files
As documents are created/circulated during the colloquium and fall semester, I'll do my best to post them in this space.  If you have created a document which may be useful to others, you can also choose to pass it on to me (fishr78@uwyo.edu) and I'll post it here.  Examples of the types of files you might find here include

  • Handouts used during colloquium and teaching demos
  • Handouts created during the semester by GAs
  • Sample papers discussed in norming sessions
  • Prompts created for Paper 3 (and potentially Papers 4 and 5, too)
Sample papers
  • Moves that Matter (Paper 1)
  • Joining the Conversation (Papers 2 and 3)
  • Self-Directed Research (Paper 5)
Alternative paper prompts
This section is mainly for those TAs wanting to make small changes in the focus or format of the prompt.  If in doubt about the appropriateness of an alternative prompt, please ask your mentor.

Classroom activities to teach key objectives

This section may initially look messy, but if you'll take a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the layout, you should find that you locate lots of resources to help you teach specific objectives more effectively.  NOTE that all of these files were developed in past years, which means they may need to be updated to reflect the current rubric, assignment requirements, and/or readings.  Don't simply 

  • Teaching reading strategies (including reading guides)
  • Analyzing audience and purpose
  • Developing thesis statements
  • Developing a logical essay structure
  • Creating evidence-based paragraphs
  • Finding/using key concepts
  • Integrating quotations and paraphrases
  • Understanding conventions, tone, and sentence structure
  • Creating appropriate MLA citations/Following MLA style
  • Writing effective summaries
  • Evaluating peer work/understanding the rubric
  • Understanding transference of skills (prompts for post-1010 courses across campus)
  • Activities for specific assignments (midterm, mini-presentations, etc.)

1010 Readings: summaries, bios, and paired texts

  • Author info and summaries for many readings in the 1010 textbook
  • Additional readings that can help students connect with ideas/themes from course readings.

Evaluating, commenting, and grading student work

  • Rubric
  • Sample assignment/grading checklists
  • Strategies for commenting student work

Classroom Management and Pedagogical Considerations

  • Using technology in the classroom
  • Dealing with challenging students
  • Conference sign-up forms
  • Assessing the classroom environment and students' understanding 
  • Building classroom rapport (icebreakers, introductory essay, etc.)

 Logistics of GA Life

  • Medical insurance
  • Human resources
  • General payroll questions
  • Direct deposit
  • UW academic calendars

Other useful links

  • The Writing Center
  • Coe Library
  • Albany County Public Library
  • Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning
  • UW Counseling Center
  • The Purdue OWL