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Club Logo

This emblem featured to the right is a mock logo for our club. PPAC (Pre- Physician Assistant Club) found in four of the six points on the Star of Life. Wikipedia has a good description of this emblem which is used by EMS. Further down Wikipedia describes each point of the star as having a certain meaning. I think it would be cool if we came up with six symbols that would represent our club. Try coming up with some of your own ideas for a logo and attach it to this page at the bottom where it says "attachments". We want to have something that will make us easily recognized at UVU and in the community. During one of upcoming meetings we will vote on a logo for the club. 
- John

 Here is another logo... a little bit more in depth than the last. It is kind of a knock off of the AAPA logo. But I like it a lot more than the one on top.