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University of Utah

US News and World Report has voted the University of Utah's PA program fourth in the nation. They tied fourth with George Washington University and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.


Degree Requirement

Baccalaureate Degree (B.A. or B.S.) - received no later than Spring semester 2009 (early May).

GPA Requirements

To be considered for admission, we recommend that applicants have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above; a strong science GPA is preferred. Please be aware that ALL undergraduate coursework is considered in your GPA calculation. Exceptions to this policy are rare and at the discretion of the program, where offers to attend the program originate, and the Graduate School Admissions Committee, where final acceptance to the program is determined.

Advanced Placement and CLEP

UPAP does not accept advanced placement (AP) or CLEP in place of Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Biology, or Chemistry grades and credits.

Prerequisite Courses

            • All prerequisite courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institute of higher learning in the United States.
            • Prerequisite courses must be completed by early May of 2009 (due to the program start date of May 18, 2009).
            • Must be taken for credit and a letter grade (AP, CLEP, pass/fail, and audited coursework is not accepted).
            • Must be completed with grades of “C” or better (C minus is not accepted).
            • Completion of degree and prerequisites prior to application deadline is highly recommended and makes for a stronger, more                 competitive application.
            • Applicants whose prerequisite coursework was completed more than 10 years ago are encouraged to consider retaking                         some or all prerequisite coursework*

*The 10-year time limit on coursework has been waived. This new policy is intended to enable applicants with an excess of paid medical experience to apply. Applicants with coursework older than 10 years and without medical experience are not apt to be among the stronger applicants.

            !! All candidates offered interviews will be given a test of basic anatomy, physiology, and general medical knowledge. Study                 guides are not provided.

                                                Human Anatomy - 4 semester credits
                                                                must be human – no other anatomy courses accepted

                                                Human Physiology - 4 semester credits
                                                                must be human – no other physiology courses accepted

                                                 or combined Anatomy/Physiology I and II totaling 8 semester credits

Human Anatomy and Human Physiology courses must be taken from Biology, Physiology, or Zoology department (those in Exercise/Sports Science or Kinesiology are not accepted) and must be courses approved toward credit for science majors.

                                                  Biology - 4 semester credits including labs
                                                            (Biology coursework with relationship to the human body. Intro, General, Microbiology, Cell and                                                              Genetics are examples of acceptable biology courses)

                                                   Chemistry - 8 semester credits including labs
                                                             (All Chemistry coursework is accepted, including Intro, General, Organic and Biochemistry)

No GRE is required

Medical Experience Recommendation

It is highly recommended that an applicant have at least three years of recent medically related experience, preferably with patient contact. Paid medical experience is weighted more than volunteer experience in the evaluation process.

Although the University of Utah doesn't require the GRE or many basic pre-reqs they do "highly recommended.... at least THREE years of... experience"! Which for some may be difficult to come up with, whereas others are patting themselves on the back for putting in all those hours at the local hospital. Good job guys!