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     Welcome to the Club! That is great that you want to get involved. Plus joining is easy! You can simply use the e-form by clicking e-New Member Form This form will electronically submit your membership request. There is also a club joining fee of $10. This money goes toward such things as T-shirts, PAEA's online PA program directory, and other tools to better your chances of getting into the school of your choice. Welcome and congratulations on your decision to become a Physician Assistant!
    The first step is definitely the hardest! For a long time I really didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I wanted a job I could make good money to support my family but I also wanted to do something i loved... since I have researched  Physician Assistants I have never been so excited for the next step and the next! Good luck finding your passion profession! 
- John Holbrook