President's Message:


    Welcome to the Club's official website! I have been adding a lot of pages so make sure you check them out. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like added. This is your site!
    It is now possible to pay your club dues ($10) at CAMPUS CONNECTION in the student center via cash, check or credit/debit card. In order to get your club T-shirt you will have needed to pay your dues, thanks! 
    To those who were able to make it to our opening social thanks for coming. We are excited about this school year and all that we are going to accomplish. Our next big event is coming up on... 
Wednesday, Oct. 29th, at 10am-2pm
Hall of Flags at UVU 


 UVU vs. WSU

    This will be a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community. Plus, Weber has challenged us to a friendly competition to see who can collect the most units of blood. It is up to our club to get the Wolverines to donate. GO GREEN!!! The best thing about this is that although it is a competition it will only help us bring in more people to donate more for our community!

    We are also excited about... 
 Director of Admissions Thursday, Nov. 6th
 Utah Physician Assistant Program 4pm (duration 1.5 hrs.)
 University of Utah Center Stage at UVU
    She has agreed and is kind enough to come to our campus for an information session. This session will feature specifically her program in SLC, but will also give you a closer look at the PA profession. Don't miss out on this opportunity, especially if you are on the fence about becoming a PA!

- John Holbrook

Member Spotlight: October

Name: Adam C. Gardner

Age: 25

Hometown:  Orem, UT

Major: Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography

Comment about the picture: First, I have to show off my girls, my beautiful wife and our 4-month-old bundle of love and joy.  Second, that’s me and in my hands a huge fish!  When I’m not with my girls or zoned in on school or work at the hospital I enjoy wetting my line and catching huge fish, and getting out in nature to just get away and unwind.

 Why you have chosen the Physician Assistant profession?

I have chosen the Physician Assistant profession because:  the field of medicine fascinates me, I could never get bored with it there is always something new to learn which I think is great!  Why is it great?  Because with every new advance in medicine whether it be new research or a new method of doing things it is all for one main reason to better the lives of others, to restore their quality of life, to give hope to people where hope once could not be given, to bring smiles to the faces of others, and to be there for people in there most vulnerable moments whether it be to share tears of joy or help comfort tears of heart ache, this is the main reason why I have chosen to become a P.A.  Not to mention it will open many other doors of opportunity to serve, to provide for my family comfortably with the time to enjoy life with them, and potentially give me the opportunity to return to a university to teach. 

If you could get into any PA school in the nation where would it be? And Why?

The best of the best Iowa, Duke, Emory, or the U of U.  Why?  Because why should I sell myself short if I’m going to invest the time and the money.  Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of great P.A. schools out there and I need to do more research to find out just which one will be right for my family and I, and as you’ll find out that the school of your dreams may change from one week to the next as you research more schools or maybe it’s that only one school accepts you that will narrow the field.  But as a leader in the club I say these things because the main purpose of this club is to help each one of its members get in to the school of their dreams, so they don’t have to be faced with settling with the one that accepts them or wait to reapply in a year.  So help us your club members and help yourself and do some research on the schools of your dreams call them let them know who you are, let them know who we are (UVU PPAC), find out about the schools surrounding areas, its demographic and what it has to offer, why that school is different from the rest, let us know and help build the clubs database of info concerning the many different P.A. schools, so that you and the club members may better know what they need to do to not only be a better candidate, but be the best candidate your P.A. schools.