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Polisen secured its place in next years EUWRL

skickad 29 apr. 2017 12:05 av Robin van Trigt   [ uppdaterad 29 apr. 2017 12:08 ]
After disappointing results in the Vienna round, Polisen travelled to Tampere with focus on winning. With a late drop-out of Marcus Nordström, Polisen had twelve players for the last round of the year. To top of the team Polisen borrowed two playes from Linköping, another Swedish top team.

Building confidence in holding the ball one-on-one and keeping the ball in team during offence has been the main topics during this springs training and it payed of. After a winning against the turkish team, EGE (2-1), Polisen managed to play equal (1-1) to the much higher ranked Russian team Betta. Full of confidence, Polisen managed a 9-2 score against the Norwegain team Akkaren in the last match of the year. Polisen thereby secured an 8th position in the overall classification meaning that Polisen will be back in the Euroleague next year!

Polisen Underwater Rugbys foto.