Polisen ready for EUWRL Round 1

Post date: 2016-nov-03 15:43:59

During the weekend Polisen will participate in the first round of the Euroleague in Copenhagen. In the past three months the team has been training hard to get the best possible start in the 2016/2017 season with the objective to surpass last year's 7th place. Some late injuries in the team prevents Polisen from bringing a full 15 player team to Copenhagen but the shape of the team is great and Polisen won't be holding back.

On Saturday Polisen will play against the home team Flipper. On Sunday the games are against the German team TSV Malsch and the rivaling Swedish team Malmö Triton.

Watch the live broadcast from Bellahöj Svömmestadion. See the full game schedule at www.euwrl.com.

Bildresultat för bellahøj svømmehal