Without the support of all our great sponsors we would not be able to do what we do best, win bike races. The entire UVM Cycling community would like to offer a sincere thank you to all of our sponsors for their support.

Without the support of the University and the Student Government Association (SGA), UVM Cycling would cease to exist. UVM and SGA provide us with critical financial and logistical support throughout the year.

Specialized manufactures carbon and aluminum frames designed to endure years of hard training and racing. Both our mountain and road teams are provided with a discount on Specialized bikes. Aggressive positioning, state-of-the-art frame technology and cutting-edge componentry help the racers of UVM Cycling reach their full potential on the race course.

Descente is the official clothing sponsor of UVM cycling. Designing high quality, comfortable and stylish cycling apparel, Descente has clothed many UVM riders while winning races. They bring their experience to UVM's road and mountain team for the 2013 season and beyond. 

Michelin USA is the official tire supplier of UVM Cycling. Michelin has been making high quality bicycle tires for over a hundred years. They offer a complete range of high performance tires, each specifically suited to a particular type of riding. Their road tires are incredibly lightweight without compromising performance or durability and their off-road tires provide the traction and handling capability that the downhill and cross country racers of UVM Cycling demand.

A good pair of glasses is an essential component of riding and racing apparel. Glasses protect our eyes from sun, wind, rain, snow, and bugs. Rudy Project USA provides UVM Cycling riders with discounts on their comfortable, stylish, cutting-edge eyewear products and accessories.

The Ski Rack is the teams shop sponsor. They provide us not only with great mechanical support to keep our bikes running in top shape, but also great service to ensure that we have access to the best equipment possible.

Training methodology and efficiency are absolutely crucial to success as a bike rider or racer. With our limited time to train due to course work this becomes even more important. That's where Will Dugan comes in with specifically designed training plans to meet our needs. Will is a former UVM cycling athlete, winning multiple national titles with the team.

Kevin Duniho, of Vermont Pain Relief is not only an accomplished cyclist himself, but also an amazing resource of both knowledge about the rigors and associated injuries of being a cyclist as well as an accomplished massage and physical therapist. Kevin helps the team stay healthy and avoid injury letting us reach our potential as athletes. 

Thomson is the official seat posts and stem supplier of UVM Cycling. Thomson is known for making the highest quality stems and seat posts  in the bicycling industry. The wide range of their products ensure our bikes a great fit with a wide range of options to choose from, and unprecedented quality and performance. 

DeFeet offers a wide variety of essential cycling apparel, such as socks, gloves, base layers, and shoe covers. Their products ensure that no matter what the temperature, hot or cold, UVM cyclists have the apparel they need to confront the elements. 

There is not much worse than finding mold at the bottom of your bottle when you go to fill it up before a ride. We've all been there. However, Clean Bottle has stepped in to help us avoid these unpleasant scenarios and keep us hydrated and our bottles clean. 

A proper warm-up helps to avoid injury and is critical to race performance. Unfortunately, there isn't always ample space to warm-up at races. Saris, the parent company of Cyclops, provides us with Cyclops stationary trainers that can be set up in a matter of seconds. Cyclops trainers are built to last and are much quieter than most trainers.